Full-Cycle Development

Creating a website from scratch, including requirements gathering, design, implementation, quality assurance as well as maintenance and support.


Porting your legacy website, including all the data, to a new, modern solution (it can be another content management system) with a slick and responsive user interface.

Development and integration

Enriching your website with out-of-the-box and custom social networking apps, payment solutions, advanced analytics and other tools to increase user engagement.

Migration to cloud

Moving your existing website and applications to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and other cloud services to improve scalability and administration and lessen costs

Maintenance and support

Creating new features and fixing bugs; Enhancing scalability and performance to welcome the growing number of visitors and data; Improving the website structure to better address user demand;

Mobile-driven development

Adapting your website for mobile phones and tablets of all platforms and screen sizes as well as using the portal as a back-end for a mobile app.

We Know Your Industry

Types of Desktop Apps We Develop

Healthcare Software

EHR/EMR, Medical image and lab software, Medical device software, Hospital inventory management

Financial software

Billing software, Invoicing software, General ledger software, Trading and stock analysis software

Employee productivity software

Teleconferencing and VoIP software, Time-tracking apps, Virtual office

Enterprise Management Software

Operations management software (ERP, inventory management, etc.) SCM, BI

Utility software

File and content managers, Browsers, Downloading and torrenting software, Drivers, plugins, and add-ons

Image/media software

3D rendering software (CAD), Image processing/editing software, Video/audio editing software, Video streaming apps


Lets Get You Business on Mobile Market

Smartphone and tablet users are constantly on the go; this means that users don't always have time to sign into a mobile website. And these mobile websites are designed for readability and navigation, NOT for process management. Mobile apps allow users to have easy, functional access to information, products, services and processes that they need in real-time and are optimized for hands on interaction..

Lets Get You Business on Mobile Market
Lets Get You Business on Mobile Market